Career Recharge Seminar Event on Aug 25, 19.

I’ve been speaking publicly at small events and at bigger art conferences as I am always excited to share my knowledge, meet new people and learn what they are working on and dream about! This seminar is a special one. I’ve been focusing a lot on event planning and exhibition design for the last four years, and put aside the initial mission I had when I decided to work in the arts – help artists be successful. My bigger dream is to create a safe place for artists to network, share ideas and learn from experts and each other on a regular basis.

On August 25th, 2019 I organized my first ever art seminar. I invited amazing guest speakers to explore different sides of the entrepreneurial world: business, marketing, branding, social media as well as the importance of self-love and various self-care techniques that help us recharge and be more productive and successful in our careers.

My presentation focused on the business side of being an artist and the ways artists can sell art, form their collectors’ networks, reach out to art galleries and find their artistic voice and purpose. I’ve been working directly with artists since 2015 and shared my experience in the art world that has a lot of injustice and competition. As long as you are passionate about what you do and outsource help in the areas you are not an expert or have no time to do – you are already ahead of the game! Also, network with other local artists and share your experiences. You can work on projects together and have more success from group shows where you will share the costs and bring more potential art collectors together for one event.

Liza aka Curator on the Go (

I invited two amazing artists Melysa Gorlicky (@liveartist) and Matt Pine (@mattpineart) to share their stories and experience as full-time artists. Melysa is currently focusing her practice on making original sport card paintings that she sells at local and international sport card expos. Matt is mixing graffiti and street style to make works on canvas and murals for local and international businesses.

Melysa Gorlicky

We all know that social media is a key business tool today, especially if you are looking for clients who can buy your products or services. Our guest speaker for this theme was Kierstyn Pare @kierstynpare – a Toronto-based Digital Strategist and social media expert who talked about the importance of personal brand and ways to use social media for business purposes. You should post consistently and give value to your audience before you try to sell anything. The golden rule here is Serve, Serve, Serve, Serve and Sell.

Our last guest speaker Jana Stern @janasternhealer was explaining the importance of meditation and self-acceptance that will help us be more productive and successful in personal and business lives. Jana emphasized that it’s important to dedicate 11 minutes a day for meditation. You might not sit still for 11 minutes right away, you might open your eyes several times, or you will have to take an important call in the middle of the session. It’s OK. Just try to relax and envision something that brings you joy (your childhood memories, ocean, nature, etc.).

Thank you everyone for participating in this event and looking forward to hosting more event in the near future!

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  1. I attended the seminar and I’m motivated to move forward with my work thanks to such a enriching speeches each unique, elocuent and kept real. Thanks to all the participants and thank Liza for sharing knowledge.

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