Curator on the Go



Public Relations Certificate Program from The Social School (2019)  
MFA in Criticism & Curatorial Practice from OCAD University (2016-2018)
BA in Art History from the University of Toronto (2011-2015)


Founder, Kefi Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada, Apr 2020 – Present
Art Consultant/Art Sales, Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto, January 2023 – Present
Art Advisor, Imprimo, Toronto, May 2023 – December 2023
Exhibition and Events Coordinator, Arta Gallery, Toronto, Canada, Jan 2020 – December 2022
Independent Art Curator, Curator On The Go, Toronto, Canada, Jan 2018 – Present
Art Gallery Manager, Jessgo Gallery, Toronto, Canada, Jan 2016 – Dec 2019
Curatorial Assistant, Myseum, Toronto, Canada, May 2017 – Oct 2017
Exhibition and Events Coordinator, Jessgo Gallery, Toronto, Canada, July 2015 – Jan 2016


Juror and Curator of Virtual Exhibition “What Remains”, The Visionary Art Collective, 2023
Guest Curator of ATH Magazine Issue 6, Arts to Hearts Project, 2024
Juror of 2024 Group Exhibition, The Ontario Society of Artists (OSA), 2024
Juror, Tartget International Painting Prize, 2024


Honorable Mention, CCP Graduate Studies Prize for Curatorial Exhibition Thesis. http://openresearch.ocadu.ca/id/eprint/2248/


Presenter, “It Is All Made Up Stories, Community: A Participatory Art Conference, Western University, London, Canada, 2017
Presenter, “Navigating the Art World: Securing Gallery Representation and Building Partnerships.”, The Visionary Community, 2024


Gallery Tour Guide, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Toronto, 2016 – 2018


Art Walk Curator on the Go Commerce Court Toronto Canada Elizaveta Zhurkovskaya

Art Walk Curator on the Go Commerce Court Toronto Canada Elizaveta Zhurkovskaya

Art Walk activation at Commerce Court, 2023
Client: Quadreal Property Group 
Location: Melinda St. & King Subway tunnel
Vinyl Art Installation featuring works by three Canadian Female artists: Samara Shuter, Jessica Gorlicky, and Alexandrya Eaton.


Lovebot Matthew Del Degan Curator on the Go Commerce Court Toronto Canada Elizaveta Zhurkovskaya Lovebot Matthew Del Degan Curator on the Go Commerce Court Toronto Canada Elizaveta Zhurkovskaya

Art Activation at Commerce Court, 2023
Client: Quadreal Property Group 
Featured work: Lovebot Sculpture by Canadian artist Matthew Del Degan


Pop-Up Gallery at a Condo, Toronto, Nov 2020




In the Mood, Blitz Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada, December 2019

Moods are a part of our daily life. The mood is found in the whole situation, in relationships and in people (Heidegger, 1996). Prior to any interaction, there is a mood, and moods are the backgrounds that make our emotions visible.  The mood is the atmosphere in a painting or the feeling expressed. Through this group exhibition, visitors will be able to observe how six Toronto-based artists illustrate or convey their thoughts and feelings in their creations. No matter what mood artists were in, their thoughts and emotions flowed into brush strokes and photographic images which resulted in different forms, shapes, and colors. Understanding abstract art is fairly easy – all you need is an open mind and a wandering imagination to read how artists looked beyond what we can physically see and translated intangible emotions onto the canvas. As a viewer, how does each work affect your mood and what mood do you feel the artist captured? This group exhibition featured the work of Hui An, Jacques Descoteaux, Laura Jane Petelko, Sarah Phelps, Paige Ring, and Mishel Schwartz.

A Piece of Me, Black Cat Showroom, Toronto, Canada, October 2019

A Piece of Me is a solo exhibition of Toronto-based artist Matt Pine. The show visualized how art has helped Matt overcome addiction, allowed him to push boundaries, and become an emotional outlet and a medium to express himself. His paintings depict the juxtaposition of beauty and resilience in the face of struggle, and color and texture found within his paintings represent another layer of emotion that went into creating each work. Each of Matt’s subjects has faced some form of trauma or life difficulty and overcome it. It is a modern-day reminder not to judge a book by its cover.

Go Chrome, The Jessgo Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2019

We welcome you to this all-encompassing and very enticing, visually stimulating event at the home gallery of Jessica Gorlicky in the Toronto Design District. Jessica has teamed up with local Toronto designer Top Collective to reintroduce a fun and fabulous open house. Jessica’s annual art show will feature a new art collection consisting of one of a kind original paintings and prints, all available for purchase on-site. “Go Chrome” is also excited to highlight Top Collective’s Jewelry line, which helped inspire Jessica’s Chrome-fusion fantasy.

Anima: In Search for Self, Thisopenspace, Toronto, Canada, 2018

Anima: The Search for Self is a solo exhibition that featured artwork by Toronto-based artist Samfotosynthesis. Through his practice, the artist explores his relationship with the anima. “Anima” is a Jungian concept that describes man’s unconscious feminine side. This exhibition visualizes how Samfotosynthesis’s artistic practice and focus on self-expression allow him to let sensitivity, openness, compassion and other unconscious feminine psychological qualities be part of his masculine artistic identity.

Treasured Memories: Thinking with Things, Ontario College of Art & Design University, Toronto, Canada, 2018

Treasured possessions are always part of our everyday existence. As we grow older and our lives unfold, they become markers of our identity. Personal objects help us understand ourselves because they hold our memories, ideas, and aspirations. Treasured Memories: Thinking with Things reveals how personal and family possessions play a critical role in an artist’s self-representation, and how they shape an understanding of who they are. This group exhibition features the work of Jasmine Cardenas, Renee Hayward, Sara Angelucci, Sarah Malekzadeh, and Vanessa Hussey.


Desire Lines, Myseum, Toronto, Canada, 2017
Shoreline Speaker Spin Bike Art Tour, Myseum & Art Spin, Toronto, Canada, 2017
Humber Bay Bike Art Tour, Myseum & Art Spin, Toronto, Canada, 2017
Isaac Julien: Rethinking Space, Film Screening and Panel Talk, Ontario College of Art & Design University in collaboration with Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and Images Festival (IF), Toronto, Canada, 2017
Still Nasty, First Thursday, AGO, Toronto, Canada, 2017
Fragments, Ziehersmith, NYC, USA, 2016
Humanalia, Ontario College of Art & Design University, Toronto, Canada, 2016
Let’s Worm This House Up, The Jessgo Inc., Toronto, Canada, 2016

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