Welcome to Curator on the Go Website!

Liza Zhurkovskaya, aka Curator on the Go, is a Toronto-based Art Curator & Art Advisor. For more than nine years, Liza worked directly with corporate and private clients to acquire original art and has brought hundreds of artworks to the public eye. In 2020, she founded Kefi Art Gallery to support her artists and better assist her clients with acquiring original art and curating their collections.

Liza is known as a community leader and her goal is to celebrate diversity, creativity, and the power of visual storytelling through thought-provoking and divergent exhibitions and art activations. Liza also produces Curator on the Go Podcast to celebrate creativity in all its forms and delve into the diverse and inspiring practices of guest speakers, including artists, curators, and individuals with unique perspectives on art. Check the podcast section to learn more and listen to the latest episodes.