Welcome to Curator on the Go Website!

Liza, the founder of Curator on the Go, is a Toronto-based independent Art Curator.

Since 2015, she have been working with artists as an independent art agent and advisor. Through media opportunities, exhibitions, and curatorial advice, she helps them thrive in the industry and establish themselves as entrepreneurs. Liza also organizes exhibitions and art events around the city.

She finds that the business side of the industry is often left out in art school and from the minds of artists, so she helps shift the focus. Liza is trying to erase the “starving artist” trope and show artists that they can be successful with or without finding representation from an art gallery. As art entrepreneurs, they can showcase and sell their works at public spaces, art studios, and online while establishing their brand identity through self-promotion and client outreach.

Liza’s goal is to encourage and construct a more inclusive and sustainable art community in Toronto and around the world. She recently launched Curator on the Go Podcast as a platform for artists, art professionals, and other creatives to share their stories and work, and to learn from each other on how to create a brand, self-promote, and most importantly, to be inspired to pursue their dreams. Check the podcast section to learn more and listen to the latest episodes.

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