Today I am launching my dream project that has been on my mind and in my heart for a very long time!?

Curator on the Go Podcast ?– a show for artists and art professionals who are ready to build a thriving art career and business while doing something they are passionate about. If you are ready to set goals, find your artistic voice, brand, and niche, understand how to price and sell your products and services, and change your life – you are in the right place!

This podcast will also appeal to anyone who loves art and is interested to learn more about the business side of the art world. Art and entrepreneurship are the two key things any community must have! My goal is to provide the environment that supports both and that will later help fund local art projects.

In case you don’t know who I am, My name is Liza, I am 26 years old and I am a Toronto-based independent art curator. Over the years, I worked with a few local art institutions and last year completed an MFA Program in Criticism and Curatorial Practice. As soon as I graduated, I was debating whether I wanted to get an institutional full-time job, where I would be tied to the organizational programming, or work on my own. Right away I curated a solo exhibition for a local artist, while managing local art gallery and using my spare time to do studio visits and meet new artists. At the end of 2018, I founded Curator on the Go – a company that fully represents who I am and what I love to do – always on the go, meeting new artists, organizing exhibitions and visiting gallery openings, keeping up with art news and trends and creating projects and events to serve and give back to the art community.  

Not being tied to any specific art institution today, provides me the freedom to work with various local and international artists, and focus on the business side of the industry, something that is not often discussed in art schools, and that many independent artists do not focus on enough. I mentor and advise emerging and mid-career artists, who are stuck in their careers and are seeking artistic direction, and have helped them thrive in the industry through media opportunities, exhibitions, and business advice.

I believe that this platform will help me continue erasing the trope of the “starving artist” and guide art professionals pursuing their dreams. I also want to interview and promote Canadian and international artists and art professionals and share their experiences and journeys to inspire others. So here I am. Making my first episode and looking forward to hosting amazing guests and provide you tips and advice on what I work on every day – the business side of the art world.

This year, I hosted my first Career Recharge Seminar Event for local artists as a platform to get advice and learn from art and non-art professionals, and also as a place to network and share their stories. The event has inspired me to host more seminars in the future, and to build new platforms, such as this podcast, to share tips and tools, and guide artists to create profitable art businesses. I hope that through this podcast I will encourage artists to set goals, try to find their unique artistic voice, brand, and niche, and be confident and know how to sell and price artworks and their services.

If you have questions or want me to discuss specific topics on this podcast – feel free to send me DM on Instagram or email me at liza.curatoronthego@gmail.com and I will discuss your questions on my upcoming episodes. Also, I am looking for artists and art professionals that would like to share their story – reach out to me or fill out the form on my website to be part of this project.

Also, Save the date, October 12th, 7 PM – 10 PM I am inviting you to a solo show of Toronto-based artist Matt Pine (www.mattpineart.com) I am curating at Black Cat Showroom located 1785 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6N 1J6. One day only – don’t miss a chance to meet Matt and see me in action. 

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