Individual one-on-one Consultations for Artists

Regular Session (60 min) – $150.
Mini-Session (30 min) – $90.

Curator on the Go offers one-one-one individualized consultations that are catered to the artists’ needs and topics may include:

  1. Finding your artistic voice & defining your career path. Creating a month to month plan and highlight your goals and tasks;
  2. A general critique of art portfolio. Help you update your artist statement, catalogs, price/service kits, media kit, sponsorship packages, etc. 
  3. Selling & pricing your art/ services online and in-person. Price adjustment based on current market prices, demand and similar artists on the market.
  4. Approaching galleries and other art professionals;
  5. Strategic use of social media and website. Help with social media (content creation + followership growth) and newsletter content + outreach to local influences who can promote the artist or can be interested to co-promote; 
  6. Branding and marketing. I look at all social media accounts and artist portfolio and work with artists on branding their website/social media/documents in one style;
  7. Overseeing marketing and sponsorship opportunities from local & international brands;
  8. Looking for and helping to apply to relevant art competitions, grants, charity events, and art commissions;
  9. Identifying your ideal audience;
  10. Diversifying your income by having several income streams;

And much more…….. 

*If you have an Agreement/Bio Statement/Artis Statement/Exhibition Proposal/Art Submission Form that you want me to review: I’ll review the document prior to our call and our phone session will be 20 minutes (for a mini session) and 45 minutes (for a regular session). The price remains as above.

NOTE:  If you are not sure if I can help you, and you want to be sure before making payment, please e-mail, tell me specifically what you need help with, and I’ll let you know if I believe that I can help you.


I’ve been representing Toronto-based artists since 2015. My goal is to support artists in their artistic journey and let them focus on art production while I take care of the rest. Contact me for pricing.

Art Agent service includes the below services, among others:

  • Artist portfolio (creation/update of an artist statement, bio card, professional catalogs, price/service kits, media kit, etc.);
  • Searching for exhibition/art display opportunities via call for art;
  • Curating exhibitions in galleries, art institutions, boutiques, restaurants, trade shows, etc.;
  • Creation and evaluation of contracts and agreements;
  • Creation of collectors’ circle;
  • Help with social media growth, posts planning and newsletter content.


Every artwork I feature on my Instagram is the work I admire, love and inspired by. I would love to accept submissions from artists to feature their art on my page. My posts reach 7,000+ people globally and my followers are mainly art collectors (who can buy your works), art industry people (who can possibly showcase or get interested in your practice), and creatives (who can also be of help as you can create group shows and help each other thrive).

I will make a regular post about your practice, as well as I will give artists an opportunity to send me videos of them talking about their works/showing their works that I will post in stories. I will also give one personal advice of what artist needs to improve to get more views, sales, and interest in their works based on their social media and website.

Email me at if you would like to be considered. There will be a small fee that will cover my time to create a post and promote your work. Let your art be discovered and appreciated by others. Investing in promoting your practice with the right people and platforms is the best way to get your art noticed.